Ep 2 – Resolutions & Brewery Life With Sarah Dougherty

Sophia sits down with Sarah Dougherty HBIC at The Brewers Collective. We discuss our 2019 resolutions/ goals. We’re gonna tell you all the crazy things we have tried in January to lose weight and why it doesn’t work. We’ll also be talking about the business of beer and what’s happening locally on the long island […]

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Introducing Beer Fit Life – The Podcast!

Beer Fit Life is a podcast for our community of #beerfits – the misfits of the fitness community that love a pint after a workout! We’re very excited to announce this new podcast to you guys! We’ll be launching on 3/5/19. We hope to add more value to our community with these podcasts, serving a […]

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Hopapalooza 2018: Fresh Hops Harvesting

Labor Day weekend was very special for me. While most of you guys were on beaches, our founder, Sophia, was upstate at her college friend’s Hop Farm for the Fresh Hops harvest. She wrote about her experience at Frog Hollow Farms to share all the fun with you. A Little About Hops Hops are flowers that […]

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