We’re Inspired By Our Local Brewers

The founder of the Beer Fit Club, Sophia Del Gigante, got her start writing and blogging about local craft beer. She met all of you, our craft brewery owners. Seeing that our brewers and brewery owners often have full time jobs, families and a brewery to run. Yet you remain fully committed to your craft, so much that you have risked financial stability for your passion: to make the best beer possible and to bring people together. You’re the reason I fell in love with craft beer!

It’s the story of people daring to make their passion into a reality. The new American dream of turning your passionate side hustle into a full time gig. I knew I wanted to help you succeed in any way I could.

How could I support the craft beer community, help them grow and provide a fun experience for people?

Use my years of marketing, copywriting, graphic design and social media experience to promote breweries by organizing and marketing these Beer and Fitness events.

That’s how the Beer Fit Club was born, to serve local small businesses. It’s the perfect trifecta of benefit. The breweries gain new customers (and revenue), my community gets a super fun experience and I get to help the craft beer community (that I love) grow!