What is Beer Fit Club?

A Community

Firstly we’re a Beer and Fitness community based out of the metro NY / Long Island area. We like to call ourselves the #beerfits as opposed to misfits. Some people may think it odd that you like both beer and fitness, but we color outside the lines! We’re the #Beerfits.

Fitness Entertainment

We’re a fitness entertainment company, hosting pop-up fitness events at breweries. Our founder loved local craft beer so much, she devoted a business to it. Our team is built of three women, who love drinking local beer. (You can read more about us here.)

How it Works

Our Beer Fit Classes travel from brewery to brewery each month allowing you to taste and try local beers and breweries all over Long Island and NYC.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide a fun and accessible beer fitness experience for all levels and abilities while promoting the rich craft beer culture of NY.  Read more about our mission and vision here.