What you get

You get an average of 70% new customers and more!

Our community stays an average of 2 hours after the event and often purchase additional pints, growlers and merch. 70% of participants said they spent over $20 at the brewery after an event. 100% of Beer and Yoga attendees said they are likely to suggest the brewery to a friend according to a survey of my community. Additionally 91% of attendees said they have or plan to visit the brewery again after the event!

Numbers Don’t Lie

Check out the data we collected from a survey to our community. You can see just how valuable the Beer Fit Club partnership can be!

Attendees that Learned About Breweries Through Beer Fit Club

  • Yes
  • No

Attendees that Purchased Additional Pints, Growlers or Merchandise

  • Yes
  • No

Amount of Money Spent at the Brewery After Class

  • $20-29
  • Less than $20
  • Over $30

Have you returned to the brewery?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Plan to, but haven't yet

How it works

You wait for new customers to roll in. Yes, it’s just about that easy! Becoming a partner is RISK FREE since we pay a negotiated group rate per pint. Here’s how the process works.

We pick some perspective dates for the event.

Once a date and time is selected we’ll negotiate a per pint price group rate. Most promotion companies don’t pay for product, but we know you’re a small business just like us. 

Beer Fit Club acts as the promoter of the event. I take care of scheduling, tickets, marketing, and advertising all the events. I pay for advertising, our instructor gets a percentage of sales and the rest is my payment for a job well done.


We ask for very little of you since we know you’re so busy. But there are some small things that we ask of you.

The donation of your space.

That the space be cleaned and prepared for the event.

That you share the event on your events calendar and on all of your social media channels twice.

We prefer locations that can accommodate 20+ people.