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It all started with Beer + Yoga, but there's much more to come!

We're three women on a mission to promote local beer and stay active.

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Firstly we’re a Beer and Fitness community based out of the metro NY area. We like to call ourselves the #BeerFits as opposed to misfits. Some people may think it odd that you like both beer and fitness, but we color outside the lines! We also have a Facebook Beer Fit Club group online.

Secondly we’re a Beer and Fitness event and promotion company. Our founder loved local craft beer so much, she devoted a business to it. Our team is built of three women, who love drinking local beer. You can read more about us here.

This is what it looks like to be a #BeerFit

The Beer Fit Club Team

The best damn team bringing you the most awesome beer and fitness events, news and more!
Sophia Del Gigante
Sophia Del Gigante

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sophia is obsessed with three things: Food, Beer and staying Active. It wasn’t always this way for Sophia. She’d been obese since childhood, but she knew that the girl on the outside didn’t match the one inside. After many failed attempts, she vowed to make a real change. With some help, and a positive shift in her mindset, she was able to lose over 70 pounds and has kept it off since.

Kelsey LaPort
Kelsey LaPort

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Kelsey finds pleasure in a place where many others don’t: in organization and data. Working at Yoga Journal, and her love of running made her the perfect match for us. Kelsey has over a decade of experience in media & marketing with detailed knowledge of the health and fitness industry. Apart from all this, she’s a mom, runs half marathons and works with us. So she’s basically Super Woman!

Rose Fava
Rose Fava

Chief Yoga Officer (CYO)

Rose discovered yoga in a hectic part of her life living in NYC. Yoga helped her press the reset button on life. "I love that yoga has a way of bringing you back to what is important in life... focus on the simplest things that keep us going - like breathing or love." Rose quickly realized she had a future in yoga and studied to become an instructor at Yoga Yama in Patchogue.

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