Originating in the west coast, Beer and Yoga, has swept all over the country, but no one else has made drinking beer part of the class- until now! We have designed a fun and approachable yoga class that incorporates drinking your beer into our poses. From “Drunken Warrior” to “Earn Your Beer” pose, you’ll be challenged not just to keep your balance, but not to spill a drop! 

The Mission Of Beer And Yoga

The mission of  Beer + Yoga is to provide a fun and accessible yoga experience while promoting the rich craft beer culture of New York!

Some A’s To Your Q’s…

Can I Do This Beer And Yoga Class With No Experience?

Yes, yes and YES! This class welcomes beginners with open arms! From totally inflexible to a yoga rock star- you’ll enjoy this class!

What Kinda Of Yoga Class Is This?

Rose, our newest addition to the Beer and Yoga family, has a flow style of yoga. Being that Memorial Day is on the way she will be doing some serious toning and we’re gonna be jamming to some relaxing beats from summer. How about some sublime?!

What Else Do I Get With My Ticket?

I’m glad you asked! No “Beer + Yoga” event would be complete without a beer! So you get a full hour of yoga + a full pint of local Beer!!

But wait… there’s more! We’ll also have some awesome music for you to yoga to!

What Should I Bring?

Bring your own yoga mat, we won’t be providing any. Oh and bring yourself!