This crisis can bring out the worst or the best in you. We cannot control the crisis itself but how we react and respond to it. Get 8 tips to thrive during this crisis and not just survive. You can also read the article below.

Let’s just get this outta the way, this crisis is both unprecedented and completely sucks. People have lost jobs; businesses will struggle to stay open. I have personally lost my income. So, I feel your pain. Though we cannot control this current crisis and the actions of others, we can control and/or mitigate our response to it. Aside from just surviving this situation we can also thrive through it. As someone that works from home, I have found a way to stay self-motivated and to become resilient. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Tap into Your Community

Ha-ha, you like that pun? Funny enough, during this time as we socially distance, we are so fortunate to have communications and the internet at our fingertips. Can you imagine this shit in 1995 with dial-up? Oh helllll no. So, let’s take a moment to be grateful AF for that. My social life has been better than ever. I have been using Zoom to have a call with my gals from college, Facebook Live to Connect to our community, and IG Live to connect to all of you as well. You can even video call friends with Facebook messenger or facetime. Make sure you set aside time to meet with your friends, family, and, of course, your Beerfits community. PS- We’re offering Beer Trivia on Instagram live every Wednesday at 7 pm where you can win prizes. We’re also hosting Friday Happy Hours on Instagram Live at 7 pm talking to members of the local craft community to keep you tapped into local beer, and FREE Beer Fit Club classes every Sunday at 12 pm (Join our email list to learn more.)

Anchor Yourself in a Morning Routine

It may sound crazy, but my morning routine is saving my life! Why? Every damn day starts the same way, and there is real comfort in what’s familiar. Aside from that what comprises your morning routine is even more important. Now, I am not going to get crazy with you, some people’s routines, just hearing them, gives me anxiety. I have a simple morning routine that sets me up for success. This is what works for me. I clean up, get dressed and go on a 2 mile walk with my dog while listening to my favorite podcasts. I come home and make myself a killer healthy and hearty breakfast of three eggs, veggies and potatoes. While my coffee brews in my French press for 3 minutes I meditate. Just following my breath. Then I start on my days to do list. 

I recommend that EVERYONE start their day with a nice long walk. Exercise boosts those happy chemicals in your body while you soak up some sweet Vitamin D and get a start to your day without the TV. 

To build this habit takes about two weeks. No better time to start than now! I challenge you today to take your walk, take a pic and tag us on Instagram @beer_fit_club

Keep your Normal Sleep and Wake Time

Right now, in NY, we are looking at an entire month more of staying at home. We want to stay up late every damn day like we did when we had our summer vacation in 6th grade, but the more you lose hold of your daily routines and sleep habits, the harder it will be to get back on board. Allow yourself the weekends to be off habit but staying with your normal circadian times will help keep you on track to get back to business. 

Live in Gratitude

I have many reasons to drink all day and eat like the 11-year-old fat kid inside of me. How can I avoid this? Gratitude, baby. For every small thing that is wrong there are at least three that are right. Yes, you cannot see your friends in person, but you can still call them or video chat with them. We can’t leave the house much, but we have internet and streaming TV right at our fingertips. You can watch any show or movie. OMG, the horror! 

How can you step into your gratitude? One way is to have a journal where you reflect on all that you are grateful for daily. Another thing I do is meditate on all that I am grateful for. I sit in silence breathe and think of all the things I must be incredibly grateful for every day. This can be as small as the air we breathe and as large as still having income during this tough time. Just because you have something easily accessible to you everyday does not mean you should overlook it. Like I used to think of clean water as a given, and like, duh. However, this is not a given to the whole world of even the whole damn country. So, gratitude can also allow us to have perspective on the actual level of our problems. 

Limit Your Time Watching News and Scrolling Through Social Media

When this crisis started, I got scared, as we all did. Then looking through Facebook and watching the news updates was making me seriously stress the F out. Social Media is not inherently bad, but it does allow people to spread misinformation as fast as the Coronavirus itself. How many chain statuses have we seen? How many news stories of pure speculation or opinion? Call me old fashioned, but I like my new double fact checked and free of bias. The model of social media and digital, as well as, TV news, for the most part relies on selling advertising and getting as many people to watch as possible. The larger their audience, the larger the ad revenue. Fear makes us keep watching. 

I usually listen to NPR News Daily on my Alexa smart speaker and get daily Corona virus email updates from Gov. Cuomo. This takes about 15 minutes of my day to stay informed of the most important headlines without any additional speculation or opinion.

Tame Your Inner Crazy 

It’s normal for panic thoughts to come through your head. Aside from the above tip, we need to cultivate our own inner chatter. Self-awareness is more important now more than ever. Knowing your thoughts can allow you to reframe them or prepare for anything causing you anxiety. Here are some actionable tips you can take to gain insight on your thoughts and fears. 

Journaling – Just write everything you are thinking out. When you pinpoint your fears and what is bothering you, this allows you to take actions to help you. 

Create an anxiety and action list – Create a list of what you are most anxious about and then create a list of three ways you can take action to manage or ease those fears. 

Fear Setting – Devised by Tim Ferris this exercise allows you to realize your greatest fears and how to manage them. Learn more here in his TED Talk.

Meditate for Five Minutes Daily – Sit and breathe deeply for five minutes and notices the thoughts that pop into your head. Try to anchor yourself back to your breath. This is a practice and practice allow you to focus and build on self-awareness.

Keep on Moving!

This is the WORST time to skip out on your fitness. Why? Stress breeds cortisol, a hormone that can make you gain weight and lower your immune system. An impaired immune system is NOT what you need during this pandemic. Get out and take a jog, walk, or hike. There are tons of workouts on YouTube AND Beer Fit Club is streaming live classes every Sunday at 12 pm. There are also a TON of apps like Couch to 5k that can help you! You have a ton of time at home, so there’s no better time to work on your cardio.

Use This Time to Start on that Dream Project

We all know you have a project you’ve always wanted to do but NEVER had the time. Is it starting a blog, a passion project, business idea, painting the bedroom? I know you have something you’ve been burning to do. Distract yourself from the crazy in the most productive way possible. Don’t pressure yourself too hard, like the queen of taking on too much shit, AKA me. LOL 

Free classes, new podcasts weekly, running a group page, designing fuck tons of new merch, and more. But, hey, this is an opportunity to get ‘er done guys! I am going to take the universe up on it’s offer. LOL 

Keep Enjoying Your Local Beer

If you’re stuck inside, I cannot think of a better time to drink local beer. Almost all breweries offer to go cans and crowlers. Some even allow you to order online or get delivery. Check out our Instagram Featured stories on supporting breweries or go look at your favorite brewery’s Instagram for more info!

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