We’ve been keeping a secret and it’s been really hard for us. Why? We love you guys. So what’s the secret?


It was a decision that was made by our CEO, Sophia Del Gigante. “With all the national media coverage we got in April, I thought, if the time was ever right, it’s now,” she said. She continued by saying, “There are a few other companies that offer Beer and Yoga classes, but no one organizes them at breweries on the national level.”¬† So we have been working on this since this past May.

We love our community of #beerfits and there are so many like us throughout the country. Now’s the time to share what we got going on with the rest of the country. We’ve been doing these great Beer + Yoga classes, but as you know, we’re called Beer Fit Club, so there are other plans and other types of fitness events in the works. ūüėČ

Where are we going next?

The next area of the country we’re targeting is Austin, Texas. Why? Our founder has been there and knew that this would resonate with the people in that area of the country. We’re gonna help to Keep Austin Weird. We hired Jill Hepburn, as our regional manager. She’ll be handling all of the event planning, community management and MCing all the events. She has a big personality and LOVES beer. So we’re excited to have her. Jill is happy to be a part of this team, “I’m excited to work with BFC because we get to meet new people,¬†drink¬†beer, and get fit all while helping the local breweries! That’s a win-win for everyone!” We also hired Heather Holland as our instructor. She stole our¬†hearts because she’s a girl that kicks ass. She is a US Army veteran and when she was serving,¬†she developed a competitive drive to ‚Äúoutdo‚ÄĚ the boys in all their physical fitness exams.

After Austin, we will be debuting in Seattle, Washington. Our founder hasn’t ever been there, this was the work of the universe. Sophia met Emily in a chance encounter.¬† She was writing a story about Beer Fit Club in Seattle, and at first, we thought nothing of it. After chatting with her, we discovered she was involved in both craft beer and yoga in the city… it was Kismet. So a huge warm welcome to Emily Stewart, our Seattle Regional Manager, and¬†Yoga Instructor. This was a fated opportunity for her as well, “It’s great to be a part of a community of beer fitness freaks, like me!” said Emily. She continued by saying, “Friends make fitness fun and beer makes friends.” After watching her yoga video, we cannot wait to try her class.

What’s next?

Good question, we have no idea. We have a lot more cities that we kn0w would love to have us. Let us know in the comments where you think we should go next, we’re not only open to your ideas. We LOVE them.

Thank You

We couldn’t have done any of this without you guys, our community of #beerfits. You are all just like us, you get us and we get you. You are as much a part of this as we are and we love the shit outta all of you! See the video below.

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