Summer Beer + Food Pairings

There’s still a few weeks left of summer and one of the best ways to enjoy it is with beer and food, of course! We wanted to outline a few local beer and food pairings for you to indulge in while you can:

The Classic Cheeseburger & Simpler Lager (Barrier Brewing Co.)

Summer time and cheeseburgers go together like beer and yoga – they were made for each other! LOL but seriously cheeseburgers are a frequent dish at Summer BBQs and hoppy lagers compliment the creamy and fatty flavors of a cheeseburger really well. We recommend Barrier Brewing’s Simple Lager as your drink of choice since it is light and smooth and a bit hoppier than other lagers.

Hot dogs & American Pilsner (BrewSA Brewing Co.) 

You can’t go through Summer without having a least ONE hot dog – baseball games and the 4th of July just wouldn’t be the same! So to wash down an American classic, we’re recommending BrewSA’s American Pilsnser. It’s clean and easy to drink making it the perfect pair for a good ol’ fashioned hot dog.

Fish Tacos & Mofosaic IPA (Sand City Brewing Co.)

Fish Tacos can be found on just about every menu for restaurants by the water (especially L.I.) so it’s good to keep in mind that a nice light IPA can go really well with this dish. There are soooo many local IPA’s to choose from but we think a nice match for Fish Tacos would be Sand City’s Mofosaic IPA for its light and refreshing flavor!

Summer Salad & Nofo Farmhouse Ale (Long Ireland Brewing Co.)

It’s beach body season so summer salads are popular this time of year! Keeping it light, tart, and a bit floral is what you want here so that’s why we’ve chosen Nofo Farmhouse Ale from Long Ireland.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream & Black Duck Porter (Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.)

You can’t forget dessert! Ice cream is truly one of the best treats on a hot summer day. There are too many flavors to choose from, but mint chocolate chip is a classic and goes great with coffee porters or stouts since java and coco compliment the chocolate chip and cool mint cream flavor. You can never go wrong with Black Duck Porter from Greenport Harbor Brewery!

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