Beer Fit Life is a podcast for our community of #beerfits – the misfits of the fitness community that love a pint after a workout!

We’re very excited to announce this new podcast to you guys! We’ll be launching on 3/5/19. We hope to add more value to our community with these podcasts, serving a community that has no podcasts to speak of at this point!

We’ll be covering topics in craft beer, fitness and lifestyle. Sophia Del Gigante, our founder and CEO said, “We’ll bring the same accessible and fun vibe to fitness, lifestyle and beer topics in this podcast that we bring to our pop-up fitness events at breweries. We want people to know there are others out there just like them. We’re imperfectly perfect and we’re not willing to give up beer.”

We want to bring this community nationwide, and we think this is the best way! We can’t wait to share our podcast with your guys and hope you’ll subscribe here.

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