A Craft Beer Lovers Gift Guide

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for that special craft beer lover in your life? Let us help you! Below we’ve outlined some awesome gift ideas in our first ever Craft Beer Gift Guide (ohhh and some are on Amazon if you have Prime you’re good to go):

1) Gift cards to local breweries/craft beer bars & restaurants

Experiences are one of the greatest gifts you can give someone! There’s too many awesome breweries and craft beer spots to choose from in NY but we can definitely recommend a few places if you need some help.

2) Personalized goods (pint glass, coasters, growler) 

Personalized items are a great way to create the perfect gift that’s specialized for a loved one. These are only just a few ideas:



3) USA Beer Cap Map

Okay so this is a superrrrr fun gift! Keep track of your brewery adventures throughout the country with this unique bottle cap map.

4) NYC or LI Beer Tours

What could be more fun than touring some of the best breweries NY has to offer?? This is such a fun experience to gift to someone!



5) Apparel (shirts, jackets, hats) 

Help your friends rep their favorite local breweries with some swag! Many have a shop right on their websites or visit the actual brewery to see their selection. Here’s just a few places with shops online:

 6) These awesome coasters with a bottle-opener built into them!

These coasters are cute and handy, what’s not to love about them??

7) Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit

If you know a craft beer lover who keeps talking about brewing their own beer but hasn’t tried it yet, then this is a great gift to help get them started.

8) Fun koozies

Koozies are always great to have if you’re an avid beer drinker. You can find a ton of fun ones out there but here’s one we think any beer lover in living in the Northeast would appreciate:

9) Beer refrigerator/kegerator

These are two kind of “go big or go home” gifts…either one is an excellent idea if you’ve got some extra cash to spend and want to help a loved one store their beer in the proper way.

10) Beer!

Sometimes just beer in itself can be all anyone could ever ask for! Whether it be a growler fill from one of their favorite breweries or that rare 6-pack you were able to snag at the beer distributor, or even some new brews you ordered online, straight up delicious craft beer can always make someone’s day.
We hope that we’ve given you some good ideas for the craft beer lover in our first annual Craft Beer Gift Guide, Stay tuned for our Fitness Gift Guide next week!

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