We highlighted some awesome gifts for craft beer lovers in our previous article here, but are you still searching for the perfect gift for that fitness guru in your life? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few fitness gifts that they’re sure to love (many options are on Amazon to make ordering easy):

1) Gift certificate to yoga and/or fitness class

This can be a great gift for someone who’s been wanting to try a specific fitness class or for someone who’s been wanting to get involved with a class but needs that first push to get started. You can of course purchase this from a place you have in mind already; but, if you’re feeling lost and not even sure where to look, then I always recommend checking out Groupon. They’ve always got plenty of Groupons to offer for various different fitness classes in a ton of reputable places all over any region. Oh and if you didn’t know, Groupon is a totally legit site that offers everything at a discounted price which is always awesome!


2) Fitness apparel (yoga pants, tanks, etc…)

There are tons of fitness cloths to choose from today with yoga pants and tanks being the essentials. Cool designs are hott right now and will make your gift that much more awesome! Here’s just a couple options that can be found on Amazon:



3) Sneakers

Quality sneakers are important for any workout. This can be the ultimate gift for your shoe-a-holic fit friend.

4) Exercise/Yoga mat

This can be a great gift for anyone who avidly practices yoga, pilates, or any other exercises on a mat. Including a strap or bag for the mat is a huge bonus!


5) NutriBullet

This is a HOT gift right now in the fitness world. NutriBullet’s are the ultimate blender of choice for people who want an easy way to make smoothies and shakes. This is an excellent product to help achieve dieting goals that many will make for the new year.

6) Headphones

Whether you prefer big beats or little earbuds, I think we can all agree that a good pair of headphones makes all the difference in any workout. 



7) Fitbit

I think everyone knows that Fitbits have become a must-have item for many health-conscious people now-a-days. They are truly an awesome piece of technology and you’d probably be the real MVP if you gifted this to a loved one.

8. A stainless steel insulated water bottle

Having plenty of water while exercising is always essential. Isn’t it annoying and, eventually, expensive to have to buy a plastic water bottle every time you go for your workout? Having your own reusable water bottle is definitelyyyyy the way to go, especially stainless steel insulated ones that keep your water cold for hours!



9. Exercise equipment

There’s a ton of exercise equipment out there today so whether it’s bulky machinery or 5 lb weights, there’s something for everyone out there! Here’s just a few ideas:

10. A ticket to a Beer Fit Club event!

Okay this might be a bit bias…but in all seriousness, a Beer + Yoga event could be a great experience to gift to someone who may be looking to stay active in a different way. Have fun while staying fit! (click below for tickets to our next event)




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